About the Artist: I am a Bay Area Native, I've lived here all my life. Raised in East Palo Alto, Attended High School in Redwood City, Woodside High, and my husband was from San Mateo. How Did I get started: I always had an eye for art since I was a child, coloring and melting color crayons in the sun to make paint was my favorite way to create new colors. I would then paint my mud sculptures with the melted crayon paints. As a junior in High School I was able to develop and enhance my love for art.  I began to work with different techniques, charcoals, brushes, water colors, oil pastels etc. I also took ceramics and created many ceramic sculptures and flower vases.

When Did I discover my Talent: During my senior year I sold two Oil Pastel paintings. I graduated from High School with honors and received Art awards and scholarships.  I applied my art scholarship toward my continued studies in College. I was able to take Fashion Designing, Textile, Pattern Making and Many Art Classes. I also attended Foothill College where I took more art classes including a Color and Oil painting working with many Medias. I have also worked for a small company that paints wood and Terra Cotta Pots for local Hospital Gift Shops. I am also a muralist, having created several murals for private homes and businesses in the Bay Area and in the Central Valley. I like to challenge my arts in many ways. One of the most challenging techniques I've endured was painting Silk scarves. That was so much fun, yet challenging because of the process, not the painting itself. 

What's New: In 2007, I was invited to participate in a show at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. The project was to create a Dia De Los Muertos walking Altar representing someone or something that is meaningful to the artist. I had just lost my Tia Edelmira that summer and she meant the world to me. I decided to dedicate to her the altar of "La Reina de Las Rosas". She loved roses, and was a very modern and fashionable lady with a young heart and a young soul. She loved to always look her best and wear her best jewelry. This show inspired me to try body painting for the first time. Below you will see my finished design using my model and sister, Guadalupe Alcantar. This was the year that my body painting was born for me. I then learned so much more about the Mexican/Aztec Culture, I was so fascinated and inspired by the skeletal designs and incorporated it into a fashion Icon making my first Catrina. I love what I do, I love to paint on many surfaces including skin! 

Events: I then was invited to do my Walking altars in various galleries in San Francisco, San Diego, East Palo Alto, Petaluma, San Rafael, and this year will be participating in the Redwood City, On November 1st, at the Fair Oaks Community Center for "Dia De Los Muertos Car Show". It starts at 10:00AM-4:00PM. Find the flyer below at the bottom of this page. We hope you can join us! 


                                                                                                                                                                                                            My Catrinas Walking Altars have been created since 2007, till today. 


These are two of many of my art pieces created in Oil Pastels and displayed in various Places around the Bay Area

Seductive Dance, Oil Pastel on Color Paper


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